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What Is A Water Softener?

Hard water is what causes pipes to clog and prevents detergents from dissolving. This is caused by a large amount of magnesium and calcium in the water. With water softening solutions, the ions, which create the hardening of the water, is removed. A water softener unit is attached to your water supply. This will help remove any of the minerals that cause the water to harden.

Hard water also increases your chances of lime deposit in your drinking water. When this lime builds-up in your system, it will create a blockage, which minimizes the efficiency of your boiler. You’ll see an increase in your monthly bill significantly because it is now taking longer for your water to heat up. Lime build up can also destroy your household appliances that rely on the flow of water, such as your washing machine.

When you have a water softening system installed, you’re able to prolong the life of your appliances and improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, heating system and other water-based appliances.

How It Works

Ions are removed with the use of a softener. They primarily remove calcium and magnesium ions that have built up in your system. Collectively, these ions are considered hardness minerals. It softens the minerals so that they can be effectively removed. It collects the minerals in a conditioning tank and continues to flush them into a drain. Ion exchangers are used to soften water. Applying an exchanger will help replace the harmful minerals with other ions, such as potassium or sodium. These are applied to the ion exchanger reservoir as salts. We sell solar salt, rock salt and evaporated salt.

Solar salt is collected through evaporated seawater. It has 85% sodium chloride and has insoluble water levels of approximately 0.03%. We typically sell it in crystal form but it can also be sold in pellets.

Rock salt happens naturally and comes directly from the ground. It is collected from salt deposits underneath the ground through mining efforts. It has approximately 98-99% sodium chloride. Its water insolubility level is approximately 1.5%, made up primarily of calcium sulphate.
Evaporated salt comes from underground mining of salt deposits. Evaporated moisture is using the energy of natural gases. It has about 99.6 – 99.99% sodium chloride. The salt should be added to your reservoir when the softener is being regenerated. The more frequent the softener is regenerated the more the salt will have to be applied.


Water softeners are important because they help establish the longevity of your household appliances. Nothing is worse than having your systems break down all at once, which is usually what occurs. This magnifies any problem that you are experiencing.

Let our qualified service technicians remedy the need to have new appliances installed by adding a water softener to your water source. If you’re noticing problems with the way your water is coming through your pipes, the problem might not be the pipes, rather, it may be what is in your pipes. These harmful ions can destroy your system throughout your home. If you want to avoid this from occurring, contact Energywise Home Services and we’ll provide you with what you need to avoid the misfortune of having your system completely break down on you.

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Water Softener Installation

Our job at Energywise is not only to educate homeowners about softeners but to inform them of our ability to install, maintain and repair them. When you have hard water, there is so much damage that this can cause. Let us minimize any problems that you could experience due to hard water by relying on us to install your water softener. Our service technician will take their time to understand what the needs of your household are and will make a recommendation based on your specific needs.

If it’s affordability and efficiency that you are looking for, let our knowledgeable service associates find the best one suited for your needs. They have been helping our customers with many of their household appliance needs for years and are familiar with the various options that are available to you. When looking for a solution to lower your monthly expenses, consider your homes water and the possibility that you may have a problem with your pipes that need to be addressed.

Why Us

Our service associates and service technicians are available to you as the first line of defense against your system break down. Let them address any questions or concerns that you might have regarding our water softeners. We know how useful these systems are to you and we are here to help in getting you the information you need so that you can make a well-informed decision about the type of water softener system that will best for your needs.

Our water softener installers know all there is to know about the installation and maintenance of your Energywise installed water softener. They have experience with the use of all the various salts used in the systems they install. They are the best ones to consult with to determine which salt you should use.

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