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Furnace Installation Service

Having and maintaining a consistent level of comfort is possible when you allow Energywise Home Services to install your furnace. It is important that the right service provider installs your furnace if you wish to ensure that it is fully functional and is capable of offering you the comfort you are seeking. When you are seeking a professional installation, there is no other service provider in Markham as qualified as we are. Our service technicians have the training and experience necessary to effectively install your new furnace. They take their time to make sure every part and piece has been correctly installed. They pay close attention to every detail of your installation. Our service technicians will ensure that you are capable of receiving the level of comfort you desire. With premium HVAC technology, your system is sure to function at the maximum capacity. Regular maintenance will ensure that this is always the case. Every installation is different and this means that you may have questions about the way we will install yours. We offer you a consultation to discuss our process for installing your furnace. You are encouraged to contact us if you have questions about our process for installing your furnace.

Furnace Installation Process

Although every furnace installation is different, we can tell you some of the basics of our installation process. Beginning with the installation itself.

Installation of your system requires us to remove the old system if one exists. Your new system, along with the system’s ductwork and wiring will also be installed and tested.

Testing your furnace requires that our service technician evaluate the furnace to ensure it is generating warm air. They must exam for possible leaks and will need to measure the airflow. Once all have been properly inspected, they explain how you can effectively utilize your new system.

If you are not comfortable in your home, give Energywise Home Services a call. You should never be uncomfortable in your own home when we are a phone call away. Our team of service technicians is fully licensed and insured, with sufficient training to handle the installation of your furnace, regardless of the type you would like to have installed.

Furnace Installation - Energywise Home Services
Furnace Repair Service - Energywise Home Services

Furnace Repair Service

If you are afraid that your furnace will not last through another winter, perhaps it is time to call on the services of someone who can ensure that it does. Energywise Home Services in Markham has the capability to make any needed repairs to your furnace to ensure it continues working even through the coldest months of the year. If you want to be proactive and make sure your furnace is capable of holding up through the winter and beyond, make sure you contact us for servicing today. With the help of our local service technicians, we assure you that with our repair services, you’ll furnace will operate like new again.

Our qualified team of certified technicians at Energywise Home Services will be able to assist with any of your furnace problems. Since our technicians have experience working with various types of furnaces, you can be sure they will know exactly how to service yours. No matter the make or model of your furnace, we can make the needed repairs. We highly encourage regular maintenance of your Energywise furnace to keep it working at optimum capacity. Our service technicians are able to do this for you, as they know that your system is more efficient when you are receiving regular, routine service.

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Replace or Repair Your Furnace

You may be trying to determine if you need your furnace repaired or replaced. Keep reading and find out which is most appropriate for your situation:

Repair your furnace when……
  • It is noisy. If it is not correctly sized the cycling of your furnace will be inconsistent, which can make it noisy.
  • When your furnace is not closed properly it will produce inconsistent heating. Inconsistent heating lowers its level of efficiency.
Replace your furnace when……
  • You are spending a lot of money having it repaired every couple of months
  • You have a furnace that is more than 12-years old. It likely isn’t able to offer the same level of efficiency as the newer models. Replacing your old one will save you money.

Whether you need your furnace replaced or repaired, we can address these service needs at Energywise Home Services.

Furnace Maintenance

Just as important as the installation and repairing of your Energywise Home Services furnace is its maintenance. If you want to ensure that the furnace you have installed is to last, maintenance is essential. If you are not having maintenance performed on your Energywise furnace, it might not run at its fullest potential. Our team of professional service technicians can make sure your furnace continues to operate at full capacity by providing you with regular, routine maintenance.

With routine furnace maintenance on our Energywise installed system, our Markham HVAC professional will clean the burners and closely evaluate the heat exchange if there appears to be any inconsistency in the way it heats up. When the burners are clean, your home is safer. During the maintenance process, they will also check the airflow to ensure the ducts are clear of any debris or anything else that could impede the free flow of air. They check the controls and safety features to make sure your furnace is fully functional. Finally, they will check your electrical components for the safety of your home and those in it.

While we understand that comfort is different for everyone, one thing you can be sure of is that we will adjust the heating to suit your preferred environment. However, you can be certain that we will always make sure your furnace is safe for continued use if you care to utilize our maintenance program. It is here for that very reason; to keep you safe and make sure your furnace is functioning the way that it should. We make sure your comfortable with the work we provide to you for your furnace by discussing our process with you every step of the way.

Furnace Maintenance - Energywise Home Services

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