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Commercial Rooftop Units

Your buildings commercial heating and cooling units are very large and cumbersome. No one wants to see these when they are visiting your business. Our service technicians at Energywise Home Services does a great job of putting them somewhere that they won’t be noticed and this is generally on the roof of your building. Your commercial heating and cooling units help keep your entire building at a comfortable temperature. If your employees are uncomfortable in the workplace, it is unlikely that they will be very productive.

Allow Energywise Home Services to take care of this for you by installing your commercial rooftop heating and cooling units. We offer the latest models, including the most recognized industry brands, Trane, York, and Lennox. Having one of our high-efficiency units installed provides your employees and customers with a consistent flow of air and improved air quality. You also benefit, as it will undoubtedly lower your energy bills. We understand that this may not be a part of your operating expenses but you are in luck because we offer affordable payment options to purchase or rent one of our reliable heating and cooling systems. You don’t have to pay upfront to start benefiting from a brand new Energywise Home Services commercial rooftop unit.

If you were not ready to make the leap to purchase a brand new unit, perhaps you would be interested in renting a unit from us instead. If you take advantage of our rental program, you will benefit from installation, repairs, maintenance, labour and parts. The best part of our program is that you will receive around the clock attention, 24-hours a day from our representatives. If there is ever a problem with your unit, there will be someone ready and available to immediately address your service needs.

Some of our customers find our rent-to-own program much easier to handle than purchasing a unit outright. Regardless of what works best for you, our service associates will consult with you about your options so that you can determine which one will suit your needs the best.

We offer complimentary, no-obligation consultation. You have nothing to lose by contacting us to discuss your commercial rooftop heating and cooling system needs.

Energywise Rooftop Unit Maintenance Program

You will receive annual servicing when you have your rooftop heating or cooling system installed by Energywise. With a routine maintenance program in place to ensure the efficiency of your equipment, you are able to maintain your units for a long time. Our service technicians are able to spend time with our customers, addressing any concerns they may have regarding their units.

There are some very important steps that must be taken when performing routine maintenance on your rooftop units.

Rooftop Unit Maintenance - Energywise Home Services
Commercia Heating System Maintenance - Energywise Home Services

Heating System Maintenance

  • Evaluate the heat exchanger
  • Check gas pressure
  • Clean pilot assembly
  • Check static air pressure
  • Clean and check burners
  • Evaluate and tighten electrical connections
  • Inspect ignition system
  • Inspect electrical wiring
  • Evaluate the safety features
  • Lubricate the motors
  • Make a combustion inspection
  • Evaluate the blower and belts
  • Evaluate the voltage and amperage on the motors
  • Inspect Delta T across heat exchanger
  • Inspect thermocouple features
  • Inspect motor combustion assembly
  • Inspect thermostat
  • Replace filters (up to three times annually)
  • Secure unit panels

Cooling System Maintenance

  • Inspect thermostat
  • Replace filters (up to three times annually)
  • Secure unit panels
  • Clean blower as needed
  • Replace belt if needed
  • Inspect economizer
  • Evaluate superheat and subcooling
  • Inspect and clean condenser coils
  • Evaluate return and supply air
  • Inspect Delta T across evaporator coil
  • Lubricate motor
  • Inspect temperature differential
  • Inspect amperage and voltage on compressor and motor
  • Evaluate electrical wiring
  • Inspect and tighten electrical components
  • Check pitting contactors
  • Inspect disconnect and fuses
  • Inspect drain pan
  • Evaluate possible refrigerant leaks
  • Check static air pressure

After the maintenance checklist has been completed, everything must be documented. Operating functions should then be compared with the specifications of the manufacturer’s brand being serviced. Outside air temperature needs to be documented at the time of maintenance.

There are other important steps that must be taken during the maintenance of your rooftop heating and cooling units, which our technicians will be familiar with. Our service technicians have years of industry experience and have worked with every manufacturer brand on the market. They are very effective in servicing any of the rooftop units they have installed for you. No matter the level of difficulty they might experience, they have enough experience in the industry to come to a reasonable conclusion and successfully address the issue.

Commercia Cooling System Maintenance - Energywise Home Services
Why Energywise Home Services

Why Use Energywise Home Services

When you purchase a rooftop unit from Energywise Home Services you receive the quality of service that you deserve. We have technicians, sales consultants and service associates who are just a phone call away and are willing to assist with any of your service needs.

Our service technicians are the most widely known because of the quality of service they provide to our customers. When you rely on Energywise Home Services we don’t waste your time or ours, your service requests are immediately attended to. We demonstrate just how much we appreciate your business by providing you with the services you’ve requested in a timely manner.

Rely on the service technicians of Energywise Home Services and you are sure to receive the most efficient and affordable rooftop units around.

We are confident in the skills and abilities of our service technicians and this is why we offer you our service guarantee. With a team of personally vetted service technicians, we know that our customers will always receive the best service possible. They are thorough in all that they do, from the complete installation of your unit to its maintenance; we have you covered!

Every unit is designed to offer optimum efficiency. It can only do this if proper maintenance is received to a qualified service professional, such as our Energywise service technicians. You are treated like the valued customer that you are when you rely on us for your commercial rooftop unit installation, maintenance, and repairs at Energywise Home Services.

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