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Carbon Filters

Carbon filtering is necessary to remove harmful impurities and contaminants from your water. This is generally used for water purification. You will usually find them in air purifiers and water purifiers. Active charcoal carbon filters remove harmful chlorine that can affect the smell and taste of water. Unfortunately, they are not useful in removing salt and minerals. Water purifiers are used to prevent minerals from forming on the surface and to remove chlorine from water. The process begins with the removal of dust and sand particles. Next activated carbon is used to remove the chlorine and any other organic material found in the water.

Applying a carbon filter in your home water system will enable us to provide you with pure drinking water. The need to have clean water is more apparent now more than ever. We keep your water clean of harmful chemicals that can make its way to your drinking water. This is why filtered water is so important. Drinking unfiltered water from our pipes could mean all sorts of illnesses.

At Energywise Home Services, we know how to provide our customers with good, safe drinking water. If you’re committed to keeping your loved ones safe from potential harm, we suggest you allow us to install our carbon filtration system. With one of our carbon filtration systems, it will remove any chemicals and harmful toxins that might be in the water.

Our Carbon Filter Installation Process

This is a rather simple process. All that our service technician needs to do is place the filter on your main water supply line. This makes it possible for the water throughout your entire house is clean regardless of where it is coming from. With one of our carbon filtration systems, you will receive a more effective and safe way to receive water. When the water comes through your plumbing system, the carbon filter traps chemicals, residue, herbicides, and other harmful materials that could get into your drinking water.

Our team of associates will help you protect your home and family by assisting you with your selection. They will find a system that proves most beneficial for your household needs. Along with the installation of your filtration system, our service technicians can also handle the maintenance of the system they install. Start benefiting from cleaner, safer water today.
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Advantages of a Carbon Filtration System:

Elimination of diseases
  • Drinking contaminated water can result in gastrointestinal diseases, such as cryptosporidium.
Elimination of Chlorine
  • Drinking water with chlorine can result in rectal, bladder or colon cancer. A carbon filtration system will reduce your risk of cancer.
Taste Better
  • Contaminants found in drinking water can affect the taste. With a carbon filter, it makes water taste better.
Better Health
  • Carbon filters prevent us from drinking harmful materials that can affect our health and immune system.
Saves Money
  • You will no longer have to purchase bottled water.
Protects Appliances
  • Prevents your appliances and pipes from becoming corroded and prevents minerals from building up.

Household water taps are reported to have approximately 2,100 toxins. This is why we find it helpful to offer carbon filters to prevent you and your family from drinking the harmful water that comes through your taps.

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Nothing spells satisfaction more than ‘service guarantee’. When you are offered a service guarantee it means that the person offering the services are confident in what they have to offer. This is definitely true when you receive services from Energywise Home Services. We have the best team of service technicians working with our customers. They have years of service experience and do their best to make sure every customer they serve is happy with the end results. They are the reason that so many people rely on us for their HVAC and Water treatment service needs.

DIY projects are fun and can often save you money, however, there are some things that are better left to the experts. In the case of adding the proper filtration to your system, this should certainly be handled by a qualified, trained professional to achieve maximum efficiency. We proudly stand by our work and offer you our service guarantee at Energywise Home Services.
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